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InterimWIN brings depth and breadth of experience to each assignment


InterimWIN offers interim solutions for higher education focused in enrollment management, marketing, research and student affairs. Our operating philosophy centers around creating a WIN-WIN for the institutions we serve by making sure that those with whom we work are taught in a way they can successfully maintain the customized strategies designed.

The research we offer is highly customized. We hear data with the ear of a successful enrollment manager who possesses deep and broad college and university experiences. That depth of experience allows us to listen to what the data have to say and hear both the obvious and the implicit that emerge as a result of this kind of hands on, customized research. We don’t run a program as much as we run data and live in, experience it, listen to and discover from it.

Over time we have incorporated a lot of best practices into our methodology. The goal with best practices is not to duplicate them but to customize them to the situations for which their application is considered. Because our work is designed specifically for the individual college or university we are serving at the time, it is both exciting and revealing. The ah-ha moments this process creates are some of the best moments we can share with each other.



InterimWin is committed to creating win-win opportunities for success.


InterimWIN is committed to designing customized solutions for each institution we serve.

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